Giuseppe Perone

Peppe Perone was born in Naples in 1972, he lives and works in Rotondi, Avellino .

After attending Art school in Benevento, in 1994 he graduated in sculpture at Academy of “ Belle Arti” in Naples. In 1998 started to realize sculptures and installations in which he proposes animals and objects of everyday life,  taken away from their own context, covered and crystallized with a thin layer of sand, a material that remind to both the children’s game that the fragility of the things subject to a continuous transformation. In 2000 was invited to realize a sculpture Symbol  of “ Bandiere di Maggio”in piazza del  Plebiscito in Naples. In 2001 took part to “ Chaos & Communication – x Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell’ Europa e del Mediterraneo” a Sarajevo, He was dedicated to him a solo exhibition to the Mimmo Scognamiglio gallery of Naples and he took part to collective exhibition “ Napoli e Terra D’ Otranto” and “Cittadini e Non “ to the “Galleria Civica D’ Arte Contemporanea DI Avellino” In 2002 took part to “ Napoli Anno Zero, Qui ed Ora” to Castel Sant’Elmo Museum and he was awarded the Prize “ MiArt Sezione Anteprima”. In 2003 he inaugurated  a permanent installation to the Circumvesuviana in Naples, he took part to “Last judgement” at Bumbershoot festival of Seattle, to the preview of  “ Quadriennale d’ Arte di Roma” at Palazzo Reale of Naples and to the Collective ” Inchiostro Indelebile – Impronte a Regola d’Arte”  to the MACRO of Rome.  In 2004 he inaugurated a solo exhibition to Ronchini Arte Contemporanea in Terni and took part to the exhibition “ Lasciateci Divertire” at Palazzo Comunale di Arezzo. The following year he exhibited his works to ARCOS – Museo di Arte Contemporanea del Sannio in Benevento and subsequently the art critic Marco Meneguzzi included  a work of him in the exhibition “ La scultura Italiana del xx secolo” organized by  Arnoldo Pomodoro Foundation.

In 2006 took part to the  Collective exhibitions “ Scultura Internazionale” in Aglié Castle in Turin,  “ Ars in Fabula” at Palazzo Pretorio di Crtaldo” and “ Arterritory. Arte. Territorio. Memoria” at the Centrale Montemartini in Rome. During the same year the 1/9 one in nine gallery dedicated to him a solo exhibition. THE following year others two solo exhibitions, by Furini Arte in Arezzo and again by Mimmo Scognamiglio. In 2007 he also took part to collectives exhibitions  “ Linee all’Orizzonte” to the Galleria D’Arte Moderna of Genova and “ Premio Internazionale Giovane scultura – ed. Italia/Francia” in Materima- Cittadella della Scultura (Casalbeltrame), inside the Natural Park of Lame di Sesia.

Between 2010 and 2011 had two solo exhibitions;  the first one by Ronchini Arte Contemporanea, the  second one by Guidi&Schoen in Genova.

He also took part to “Art Stays” at Ptuj in Slovenia, where he came back to expose in 2014.

During 2012 he had  some Collectives “ nelle Terre di Piero. Omaggio a Manzoni ” at  Torre Pallavicina in Bergamo district,  “+ 50 SCULTURE IN CITTA’TRA MEMORIA (1962) E PRESENTE (2012)” at Spoleto, la Biennale Italia-China at Monza and the exhibition in memory of Adriano Ronchini “gli artisti che ho amato”, at Caos Museum of Terni.

In 2013 he came back at ARCOS Museum of Benevento with  a Collective “Viaggio Immaginario”.

The following year he drew  with his brother Lucio the Poster of Premio Strega 2014 and took part to some Collectives, among which THE SPRING BREAK SHOW by Guidi&Shoen, “ COSA SUCCEDE A ROTONDI? Within the project Sistema Irpinia per la Cultura Contemporanea, “LAND LIKE THE SEA” and “CAPRI THE ILAND OF ART”, both  in Capri.

Between the 2014 and 2015 took part to “ L’eredità dell’arte- Mimmo Palladino and Mohanna Durra”  at Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts of Amman in Giordania

In 2015 Vedo Nero  at Palazzo Morelli in Todi (Perugia) a double exhibition Lucio and Peppe Perone “MIRABILIA DOMESTICA”  Gallerria Moichelangelo Roma, SCULPT! Guidi&Schoen Genova.Biennale Italia China ,Pechino 2016